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December 14, 2017

Ashworld v1.5.0

Ashworld v1.5.0 brings a bigger backpack, two new skills and a bunch of balancing changes READ MORE

About the game

Ashworld is an open world action adventure set in a post apocalyptic world a few hundred years from now. Can you survive in the rough world, with it’s limited resources and supplies, hostile enemies, night-creatures and mutated animals?

Scavenge the world for food, weapons, useable items, and various scraps to use in trading or crafting.



– Run and drive around the ragelands, visiting buildings, talking to people, beating up ragers and skellies.
– Use a host of weapons: boomerangs, chainsaws, rocket launcher, shotgun, machinegun, plasma rifle, flame thrower.
– Search through buildings, underground cavern’s, and unexplored area’s of the Ashworld for usable items.
– Drive a host of different cars, all with their quirks and challenges.
– A host of story missions and sub-missions to guide you around the world.

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  • rezn

    Whoa! Rad. I can’t get paid soon enough!!

  • haha, don’t worry, the game isn’t going away ;)

  • Flavio Zedo D’alessandro

    Android release pls :)

  • Colin

    I have steam credits and would like to purchase early access on there. Any chance early access will be available there?

  • later this year!

  • no, early access will be through this site / only. But I plan to have it on Steam in/around September, so it’s pretty soon!

  • Walton Nuedorff

    Sure to take it’s place among great open-world survival games such as Minecraft, Terraria, Crashlands, Don’t starve! (?)

  • Oriskull

    I am definitely excited, your game looks awesome!

  • Kickz

    Will anyone buying it now on itch io get a steam key for free when it activates on steam or do we need to buy a new copy on steam again then?

  • yes you get a steam-key as soon as they become available!

  • rezn

    As an early adopter anyway to get on the TestFlight list or Android beta?

  • Marcus (
  • naghihimutuc

    When is this coming to android? I think I need this in my life.

  • MildFracas

    Loving the game! Lots of fun! It scared the hell out of me when I was suddenly attacked by a horde of ragers the first time. The only problem I can find with the game is that there is no way to get rid of items in the inventory. I’m constantly building up piles of useless junk that I can’t get rid of and since there is an inventory item limit. I’m getting less and less space to put the useful stuff. I’m doing a quest where I need 4 of a specific item(there’s ONLY 4 of them) but when I looted the last one it didn’t go into my bag cause it was full of junk and now I can’t loot it anymore so my quest progression has come to a complete stop. I don’t mind the inventory limit(even if it was smaller) but not being able to drop items is going to stop me from being able to play eventually.

    Anywho, thanks for the fun game, really like it otherwise! Nicely done.

  • the new v1.5.0 now has a “dump” option for some of the junk inventory, but also comes with a bigger backpack and 2 learnable skills to increase that backpack even more ;)

  • January !

  • MildFracas

    Haha now you’re talking! :D