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September 19, 2017

Ashworld v0.7.0 – Steam release

Version 0.7.0 marks the official Steam release version, with some new lighting effects, a “nemesis-lite” system for enemies and a couple of fixes. READ MORE

About the game

Ashworld is an open world action adventure set in a post apocalyptic world a few hundred years from now. Can you survive in the rough world, with it’s limited resources and supplies, hostile enemies, night-creatures and mutated animals?

Scavenge the world for food, weapons, useable items, and various scraps to use in trading or crafting.



– Run and drive around the ragelands, visiting buildings, talking to people, beating up ragers and skellies.
– Use a host of weapons: boomerangs, chainsaws, rocket launcher, shotgun, machinegun, plasma rifle, flame thrower.
– Search through buildings, underground cavern’s, and unexplored area’s of the Ashworld for usable items.
– Drive a host of different cars, all with their quirks and challenges.
– A host of story missions and sub-missions to guide you around the world.

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  • rezn

    Whoa! Rad. I can’t get paid soon enough!!

  • haha, don’t worry, the game isn’t going away ;)

  • Flavio Zedo D’alessandro

    Android release pls :)

  • Colin

    I have steam credits and would like to purchase early access on there. Any chance early access will be available there?

  • later this year!

  • no, early access will be through this site / only. But I plan to have it on Steam in/around September, so it’s pretty soon!

  • Walton Nuedorff

    Sure to take it’s place among great open-world survival games such as Minecraft, Terraria, Crashlands, Don’t starve! (?)

  • Oriskull

    I am definitely excited, your game looks awesome!

  • Kickz

    Will anyone buying it now on itch io get a steam key for free when it activates on steam or do we need to buy a new copy on steam again then?

  • yes you get a steam-key as soon as they become available!

  • rezn

    As an early adopter anyway to get on the TestFlight list or Android beta?