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App-score finds it somewhat addicting

Another review popped up over at App-score, with the end verdict a 7/10

They varied the levels enough with all the different kinds of obstacles and power-ups, and it actually became somewhat addicting after some playtime.

iOS Update is live!

The new version is now live on the appstore, this version brings in some goodies and new stuff!  We added support for the Joypad app, we added support for the iCade,  we fixed the gamecenter achievements not working, and we fixed the shop-buying bug!

So go get the new version and start runninggg!

Appadvice says SPLAT!

The guys at AppAdvice put on their Indy hat and look at the big boulders, the end conclusion is try it!

See how many levels you can make it through before going SPLAT!

Gametrender sees the love

Gametrender took a long hard look at the game and came up with the only conclusion: we love games

The little touch of the character dropping references to classic past titles like Paperboy and Rick Dangerous it’s not only hilarious but also filled me with nostalgia and made me realise what a great heritage games have.

AppShack says 9/10

A very nice and good read covering Super Drill Panic in detail, best of all, TheAppShack ends with a 9 / 10 rating!

The graphics are Orange Pixel Retro goodness, sounds, music, it all feels like an old-school Nintendo game, filled with action.

XericTech video review

Check out another video review confirming what you should already know by now: this game is FUN! ;)


GameTrail best of

Another “Best of the day” entry comes from GameTrail, obviously they also know their stuff ;)

IGN’s attention

As IGN sifted thru all the new games and found Super Drill Panic worthy of your attention.. or as they also put it:

The more free games with pixel art the better, we always say.


Appchat shows no panic

Free app of the day at Paranerds

These guys obviously know their stuff as they instantly made us Free app of the day

“The graphics are exactly what you would expect from Orange Pixel. 8-bit inspired characters that have a perplexing amount of detail and it becomes more challenging and more addicting. Plus it’s free!”