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More tweaking

We’ve been doing some small fixes and tweaks to see if we can make the touch controls work even more user friendly on as many devices as possible. We also cleaned up some code and resources, making the game file a big smaller. The new version of DynamoKid Touch is now available on Android Market!

Bug fixing

Another week, another round of bug fixing and features. The new version hopefully fixes the bug where you would sometimes die at the end of a level in Story mode, and we fixed the progress bar not being accurate!
Next to that we implement the new Openfeint features, so you can now check your progress for certain achievements, and find your Facebook buddies !

Tablet friendly #android

We just pushed a new update to the Android Market with some fixes for larger displays. It’s a bit of a crude fix, scaling the graphics, but it should look decent and more importantly makes the game playable on tablets with high resolutions (and low density).

So check out Android market to get the update !

More fixing

We just pushed a new version with some small changse. We lowered the star-quota required in story mode by 10 stars, this hopefully makes it easier for everybody to complete it and play the freeplay mode.

The rest of the fixes in this version are :
- fix: superstars wouldn’t show after exiting bonus room
- fix: star quota is lowered by 10, making story mode easier
- fix: respawning in freemode now gives a few seconds of invincability
- fix: returning from pause could trigger jumping

Gameplay fix

We just pushed a small update for DynamoKid, this makes it easier to touch the kid and make him jumpy. Basically the complete lower-left corner is now your “touch zone”. This is the first in a series of things we try to see if we can make the game easier to play for everyone.

AndroidSpin video review

The guys over at AndroidSpin did a nice video review of DynamoKid on Android. We added the video to our review page, but make sure to check out AndroidSpin for more.

Touch lag fixed #android

We just pushed a small update fixing some multitouch and touch-lag issues.  Some people say the game is to hard, please give us some more details in the comments, because we personally think this is one of our easiest games !  Give us your feedback and help us make the game better and more enjoyable !

Small fix on Android 1.6

We just pushed a small fix for people still running the old Android 1.6 and having problems starting the game. The game runs without multi-touch features on everything below Android 2.0

Openfeint and more

The new version of DynamoKid for Android is here!  As one of the OpenFeint launch titles on Android we remade the game into a much better experience. We added more game-play using a Story mode and Freeplay modes, and we even throw in a couple of mini games for your pleasure!

All this at a cheap rate of only €0.99 ! So get it from the Android market now!

The list of new stuff:

- OpenFeint support added, multiple leaderboards and new achievements
- Improved user interface
- Story mode added, complete a world before being able to play it in Freeplay mode!
- A new world added: Shipahoy!
- Mini games included: TapTapTap! and Bombomb stars
- Gameplay fixes, including much requested multi-touch support!
- and finally some  small graphical enhancements

Mini games? check!

The new version of DynamoKid for Android should arrive next Tuesday (november 2nd, 2010) bringing even more gaming-goodness: Mini games!  On top of the many other content we added to this update, we also included two mini games!

So stay tuned! Next week, november 2nd we release a brand new DynamoKid on Android!