Now also available on Nintendo’s 3DS !:


Gunslugs 2 is the result of watching too many 80’s action-hero movies, cartoons, playing retro games, and tripple-A block-buster console games. It’s a weird mix, but we believe it works out pretty nice, available on Android, iOS, Windows, OSX, Linux, ChromeOS and Ouya

Gunslugs 2 is the biggest Orangepixel project to date, it’s based on the original game, just improved in all area’s

Hope you enjoy it!

Created by:

Most blame on Pascal Bestebroer (Game design, code, graphics and sound effects) (@OrangePascal), musical madness by Gavin Harisson (@GHarrisonSounds), and thanks to Scott Tykoski awesome high-res artwork(@ScottTykoski).

chrome_screenshot01 chrome_screenshot02 chrome_screenshot03 chrome_screenshot04 chrome_screenshot05 chrome_screenshot06
“It’s very much in your face, like an 1980s action movie.” – 148apps
“The most hectic shooter I’ve played in months” – AppSpy
“If Gunslugs 2 sets the standard for sequels this year, we are okay with that! ” – Critical Indie gamer
“A sharp and well put together shooter, Gunslugs 2 might be a little too crazy for some, but it’s definitely worth a look” – PocketGamer
“If shooting enemies by the hundreds sounds like a rollicking good time, then check this out” – TouchArcade
“It offers the same enjoyable action frenzy as the original, but in a more accessible package.” – Gaming on Linux
“If you’re a fan of 2D shooters, especially SNK’s Metal Slug series, Gunslugs 2 should be a no-brainer” – What’s your tag

“Editor’s choice” – Google Play
“Best new games” feature – Apple App store.
Featured game on Ouya’s console hud.
Featured on ChromeOS webstore, main page.
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