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Heroes of Loot 2 is a “dungeon crawler RPG action adventure”. Control multiple characters at once. Complete quests and challenges while killing the hordes of hell who are being thrown at you in, out and under the castle dungeons. Find powerful items to aid you in your survival, or purchase them in the various shops around the dungeon.

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Heroes of Loot 2 is currently in Early Access on Steam



Humble Store comes with a DRM free version and Steam key

($9.99) comes with DRM free version and Steam key



App store, if you like to take the game on the road. This will be available Late 2016



Google Play / AndroidTV version will also be available Late 2016



You pick and control two heroes at once. Each character has his or her own skill set and experience level.
Switching to other characters is as easy as swapping weapons in a game.

The most powerful base attack, and the hardest to kill. If you are surrounded by many monsters, having the Warrior use his melee smash attack is the best way to survive the longest.

The Elf is the fastest runner of the party, use him to run cross dangerous corridors or quickly snatch items with as little damage as possible. His arrows are limited, but they have a good range and will pierce multiple enemies at once.

Need to find hidden loot or items? Her sensing abilities will have you locate them the fastest. Her spin attack is extremely powerful but limited by the amount of stamina available.

A powerful, endless amount, of magic to shoot at enemies is brought to the table by the Wizard. He is the slowest of characters, but his powers, especially at a higher experience level, are key to survive the dungeons.

The Dungeon is procedurally generated, creating new levels every time you try to reach the mythical level 100. A random assortment of quests and challenges are generated hiding runes, idols, keys and other required items to open locked gates and clear your path to the exit.

Various hidden rooms hide extra treasure and rare loot. With some of the friendly npc’s allowing you access to special areas of the dungeons.

During your dungeon crawling adventures you’ll run into locked-gates. These gates can be unlocked by completing Quests or challenges. Quests range from finding a hidden key or slaying a level boss, to solving a puzzle or collecting a certain amount of magical runes.

You will need all four characters to work together to complete and survive them all!

On your adventure you will find various loot and hidden items to improve your character. From small Experience-potions, to magic books and scrolls.

Find enough magic books to permanently-unlock new magic scrolls, so even if you die these magic powers will stay with you making your next run hopefully easier but certainly more interesting


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