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iPhoneAlley says: It’s down our alley!

They took some time to really find problems in the game, but iPhoneAlley didn’t find anything wrong with it! 5/5 stars

INC has just the right amount of content, replayability and crisp presentation to appeal to most iOS gamer’s fancy.

Appspy says gorgeous!

App spy review of INC ends in an awesome 4/5

Paranerds plays to the tune

While enjoying the INC sound track, the Paranerds wrote up their review of INC on iOS ending in a cool 8.5

It’s a hard game so get ready to return to what games we’re all about. Great action and fun platforming sections! Grab this now!

Phonecats show how not to play

The (WEIRD!) Phonecats took INC for a spin in their video review, and ended up approving, and failing.. and dying..


We knew the controls were the biggest hurdle for this game, adding a 4th touch button was simply risky.  But no worries, we are working on the option to place the buttons anywhere you want, so basically even if you are an alien with no thumb, you should be able to play this game with touch controls ;)

We hope to have the Android updated later this week, and the iOS version a bit later but ASAP!

Modojo agrees

MoDOJO agrees with the other reviews: INC is pretty funky! Rating it 4/5 we can’t and won’t complain!

While not the greatest platform game to grace iOS and Android, INC is without question one of the best, with spot on controls ..  and a slick old school vibe.

AndroidGaming gives a 9.2

Our fellow dutchies over at AndroidGaming took a long look at INC and decided it was one of our best so far, rating it 9.2!  (review in Dutch)


TouchArcade gives it the 4/5

The talented gamers over at TouchArcade reviewed INC and ended up with the “default” verdict: 4/5!

OrangePixel has released their latest action platform game, named simply: INC, which is probably my favorite of their releases.

Gumshoe hunts down the best: INC

The guys at Gumshoe “hunt down the best stuff on iOS” as they say.. and that lead them to INC, giving it a 85% rating!

..it many not have the bells and whistles on that other games, but it has the main thing you look for in all retro games… Playability.

iPad gameplay by Touchgameplay


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