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Easter mEGGanoid !

It’s that time of the year again! Easter is here and we had a lot of requests for the mEGGanoid achievement, so we decided to activate it again this year.

This is most likely your LAST chance to find these eggs and the achievement.. so go hunt them down!
one hint:  listen for clues when you enter a level ;)

But no worries if you have a busy weekend, you have until April 20th to find all eggs and get that achievement!


Online version

A little side project we had going is now completed: Meganoid right here in your browser!  The browser version comes with the original 30 Hero levels and is playable on the web.  You can go for the Chrome webstore version, or play it on Facebook and even unlock a couple of achievements !

Chrome webstore version

Facebook version


Clear and simple: Meganoid is done!

The iOS version is submitted to Apple , and the Android version will be on the Android market later this week.

Android will gain a “premium” version alongside the free version on the market. This version removes the advertising and adds the new “level skip” option (not available in free version).

All versions of the game now come with a full set of 300 levels spread over three game modes, a bunch of new achievements including the awesome “Meganoid” achievement for completing all 300 levels, and various little fixes and improvements.

This also brings the end to Meganoid, as this will be the final update (unless we need to do some bugfixing and patching). No new levels will be added, but we do plan to continue the Meganoid universe in 2012 ! so stay tuned for that.

Make sure to follow our twitter @orangepixel,  facebookpage or Google+ pages for all the latest and greatest info on the Meganoid universe and our other games.

The final stretch

It’s been a long time coming, but the final 10 levels have been designed, and are currently being tested in all three game modes!  This means the big update is around the corner! We added some more little bells and whistles, changes, tweaks to the game but the main focus has been on getting that magical 100 levels in there!

Stay tuned, we hope to have the new update ready for release within a couple of weeks on both Android and iOS platforms!

New Oreah levels

Finally some new levels! Now that I finished the work on Stardash, I found some time to complete the last 20 Oreah levels, bringing all three modes to a full 90 levels.   With the new Oreah levels also come some cool new achievements if you are into that sort of thing ;)

The Android version is now live on the market, and the iPhone version is waiting for Apple’s approval!

All the improvements in this update:

- 20 new Oreah levels
- 2 new achievements
- level name typo fixed
- ios: gamecenter fixed
- ios: fixed by at end of sarge level 90
- ios: gamecenter werkt alleen als ook openfeint in gebruik is
- ios: lock ipod and return to meganoid won’t do anything?
- ios: iCade support

News and featuring

Starting this post of, we just got featured as Joypad’s game of the month! If you have the hardware (ipad and ipod/iphone) then this really is the best way to play Meganoid!

Next is some news, it has been a while since new levels got added but this is all explainable: new games are coming!  INC is still of course in development but I started another side project (remember, Meganoid started as one of my side projects!) and there should be some more info about that game posted to the Twitter and Facebook pages.  If you liked Meganoid, then you will love this game!

Once that game is out the door (hopefully in two weeks on both iOS and Android) I’ll get cracking on those next few Meganoid levels.

Meganoid v1.5.0

A new update, slightly later then normal, forgive me ;)  The v1.5.0 adds ten new Sarge levels, and ten new Oreah levels. Another small feature is that the level-stars are now shown in the top-right corner at the start of the level. This might help those who are hunting for the final stars to unlock.

The Android version is NOW available on the Android market, so please go check it out and if you can please give us some love and ratings!

The iOS version will follow as soon as Apple approves it, this will include a fix to the Joypad code and an icon update.

Meganoid and Joypad in action

Cool movie showing how you can use an iPod or iPhone as a Joypad for Meganoid running on the iPad :

Meganoid iOS new stuff

A new version of Meganoid for iOS is coming soon! This version brings some pure coolness. First thing I did to the new version is making it a universal app, so it will run in fullscreen on iPad! Some users strangely asked for a HD version, but obviously it will still be in sweet pixelart, just screen filling ;)

Another cool feature that is added is the support for the Joypad App, this means that if you have two devices (ipod and ipad for example) you can use the ipod as a game-controller for the game running on iPad. All you need for this is install Joypad on the ipod, and run Meganoid!  It runs without any extra settings required, and that’s pretty awesome actually.  As many Android gamers with keyboards, wiimotes, gamegripper or Xperia play devices will be able to tell you, the game is easier with good game controls like this ;)

And finally the update will fix some small bugs, there was a bug on level23 in Oreah mode, a bug with multitasking on newer iOS versions, and some other small things going wrong.. all fixed!

I plan to get the update uploaded to the Appstore in the next few days, including the 10 new Oreah levels found in the Android version.. so it’s coming!


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