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Meganoid and Joypad in action

Cool movie showing how you can use an iPod or iPhone as a Joypad for Meganoid running on the iPad :

App Attack Sunday recommends the Meganoid

Another little movie popped up on Youtube showing Meganoid in action, this time it also shows the power of the Wii-mote.. go check it out:

Slimin on

Progress on the levels is going pretty good.. in fact, I managed to start work on not just section 8 (portals and robots) but also section 9 – the slime planet!   I plan to release the update somewhere at the end this week, and it should come with twenty new levels to dig into.. and some of them are pretty hard!

The slime planet comes with a slippery surface, and it means a lot of timely jumps are needed to avoid stuff and reach the exit.

I have also been looking at a bug that is appearing on Android 3.1 devices (luckily that is only effecting a small amount of users for now). The bug caused the game to crash due to touching-errors (eeeew!) Thanks to Brett for mailing us about it so I could hunt for it.

I might find some extra time to add some more Sarge levels as well, so this update should make up for the lack of new levels lately..

Portals and bots!

Have I got news for you! After a quick vacation of a week, I came back with various idea’s, so right now I’m working on the new levels for Meganoid on Android. They will be featuring portals and some nasty robots, check out the first screens below!

On top of that, the iPhone version is now waiting for Apple’s approval.. so if everything works out ok, the game should be ready for download on June 9th !

I also came up with a pretty cool idea for when I finally reach that 100 level target.. the idea will basically allow me to double the amount of levels (that means TWOHUNDRED levels!) with little to no work (just a lot of play testing). Counting the Sarge mode it means there are 400 levels to play through ;) not that bad for a little game like this!

But first, let me get these new levels out the door this week (!!) and work on the other 20 levels after that ..

Meganoid on iPad2

First moving action from Meganoid on iPad2, as you can see, it is as close to the Android version as possible:

Androidapps reviews the game

Androidfrance plays

More gameplay footage from Meganoid, this time thanks to the french!

More gameplay footage

Androidgaming made another movie, showing some of the later levels of the release version:

More screenshots

As promised, less talk today but some nice screens of the 3rd section! and the simplified title screen.

Gameplay movie

We gave our dutch friends at Androidgaming.nl an exclusive sneak preview of the beta game, luckily for those that don’t speak dutch, they also made a nice movie for you to look at! :


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