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Bug fix and licensing

We just pushed a new version of Mini Army to the market, this one fixes some bugs in the Arcade mode, and mainly the weekly friend score list.

On top of that we also introduce the use of Android Market Licensing, this means it will now check if you actually bought the game. There are atleast as many illegal gamers as there are legal gamers of our little game, so we are trying to take some measures against this.

However, we do not want to see our buying fans have extra problems because of this, so please let us know if you are getting messages saying you don’t have a license! If to many people have this problem we will fix it ASAP ! so let us know in the usual way (twitter,facebook,email or here in the comments).

Update: holy bugs batman!

Seems we forgot our usual quality control, and a nasty bug was introduced in the last version causing the Classic and tactics mode to not function correctly! But damn, that Arcade mode is groovy isn’t it? ;)

We just pushed another update to the market fixing the problems for classic, tactics, and hopefully getting rid of the strange lag some people complaint about, let us know !

Arcade mode is live

The new Mini Army Arcade mode is now available as update in the android market! This also introduces weekly best scores for your friendlist, so you can challenge your friends on a weekly basis, or just go for the global Arcade mode highscores!

Arcade mode gives you one minute to get as high a score as possible, you can grab Clock upgrades that randomly pop up on the playing field to extend your minute with a few seconds. Try to grab some kill streaks for score multipliers, and see if you can beat the scores of your friends!

So get the game on Android Market right now!

New mode coming #android

Inspired by the great Arcade mode in that fruity ninja game, we have been working on our own Arcade mode for Mini Army. The idea is simple, you get one minute of playtime, and try to grow your army and get the highest score possible within that minute. We also included a weekly leaderboard for challenging your friends, and we plan to add a few nice special items to help you grab some awesome scores in a minute.

The new game mode is now in testing and we plan on releasing the update next week !

Higher resolutions #android

With this new update we hope to fix some problems on bigger screens like the Dell Streak and other tablets. Please let us know in the comments if this fixes things in any way (full screen graphics, no strange distortions, etc). We might introduce an HD version somewhere down the line in 2011, but for now we are trying to fix it in other ways ;)

This update should also give slightly higher FPS on slower phones.

So go grab the update from Android Market!

Free coins!

As a little christmas present to all the Mini Army Fans, we added a “daily 100 coins” to the new update (now available on the Android market). This means that you can get 100 extra coins per day, to buy units with!

This will only work in December, so you better use the game for the next four weeks!

The Shop update

Another great update for our little army game has arrived. We called this update “The Shop” for the simple reason that we introduce the shop into the game. You know those coins you have been collecting since the last update? well now you can start using those to buy some special and super units for your army. Right now you have the choice of three units:

Bomb Expert – this will take care of those nasty bombs when you run into it, and saves you from losing points and men.

Explosive Expert – this replaces the TNT from the previous versions, buy 9 of these guys and you should be able to run into any tree or rock without dieing!

Air support – The most expensive unit at this time, but it’s worth it! It will call an air-strike and bomb about 90-100% of the opponent on screen!

We are still looking at the best way to activate the super-units (air support) right now you can do that by shaking your phone. We also have plans for many more special units in future updates so keep saving those coins!

Full update feature list:
- fix: small touch/lag fix
- fix: improved stats screen (added mission 4 count)
- new: restart option in pause screen
- new: kills (!not points) in tactics now earn you same amount in coins
- new: The Shop! buy special and super units for your army
- new: Airstrike superunit! Buy it in the shop, and shake your phone to use it

Preview of first super unit

Super units shop

Just a screenshot, as we are hard at work on the next update: The Shop!  All those coins you have been collecting since the last update can be spend in this shop to buy some super units. We have some awesome (and possibly crazy) plans on different types of units in future updates.

We hope to have “the shop” update done by next week so start collecting those coins right now!

Halloween update #Android

Here is our little Halloween update !  By playing the game during this Halloween weekend you can unlock a new army and new desktop to play on including a new achievement, so get the update now!

We also added a “kill-streak” indicator at the bottom of the screen (in the middle), this indicator will show you if you still have time to grab a soldier within your current kill streak.