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Got lag?

We read some comments about “lag” or slowdowns in the previous update. We just pushed a new update hopefully fixing this. If you still have lag, please tell us here on the blog, add some details on the phone you use, and we will do our best to fix it!

Bug fixes

Another update pushed to the market, fixing some crash problems, annoying achievement and highscore popup messages, and other gameplay issues.  If you still notice problems please let us know so we can fix it!

New achievement

We just pushed a small update fixing some issues with flyby-achievements that would sometimes not be given. We also added the new OpenFeint features, so your achievements now show percentage-complete where possible and you can add your Facebook friends. Finally the last feature adds a star-combo counter in the lower-right corner when you are in a combo streak.

Hall of Fame #android

We’ve been doing some small fixes and improvements to the game speed and interface, on top of that we finally had some good idea’s for new upgradable items: two engine upgrades are waiting in the shop! These engines will make your fuel last longer, so might be interesting to get them as soon as you can.
Another interesting feature is the new leaderboard and achievements:  Hall of Fame. You will need to reach a score of 10.000 without using extended play (so that’s with a single life). The more you can achieve that, the higher you will get in the “Hall of Fame”!
The full list of fixes and updates:
- fix: browsing the store is working again
- new: Two engine upgrades, improves fuel usage
- new: added low-detail setting (for slow devices)
- new: added settings to the pause screen
- new: Hall of Fame achievement and leaderboard: get 10.000 points without using extended play to enter!
- small updates to interface

New levels coming

We have been pushing some smaller updates to Mini Plane on Android, mostly fixing just little things in controls, gameplay , etc.  We are still planning on adding new levels to the game in a bigger update coming hopefully early 2011, some idea’s are being bounced around now as to how it should look, but we figured: let’s ask the gamers!

So, if you have idea’s for new worlds/levels to play in, let us know! maybe we can make it work. Just leave your idea’s in the comments or contact us on twitter or facebook.

version 4.0 #android and OpenFeint!

We just pushed a new update for Mini Plane on Android. Version 4.0 is a pretty big update as we changed some of the game elements while staying true to the great gameplay. Below is the full list of all the many little changes we made to the game. We listened to all the feedback from the gamers, and we tried to make the game less hard and easier to get into, while still keeping the fun and challenge there for the more advanced Mini Plane pilots.

One of the biggest changes, is replacing the old RumbleX profiles with the new OpenFeint services. This sadly means existing achievements and highscores are all gone, but you will keep your star count, your planes, and engine enhancements and on top of that you get a new challenges in the shape of some great achievements !

The next big thing is the extended-play has been modified. You can still collect three super-stars to extend your play, but you will continue that play in the same level. So all levels are now seperate mini-games, all slightly different, and all with their own highscores. Upgraded players should have the three old levels unlocked (if you had enough playtime), and new players will have to unlock those levels by playing and reaching enough checkpoints!

Full update details:

* replaced RumbleX with OpenFeint for highscores and achievements
* made game run faster on slower hardware (like HTC Hero)
* small improvement to gameplay
* small changes in plane controls
* changed frequency of obstacles
* 3x Superstar is now extended play in same level (harder to collect, but worth it)
* mostly new achievements to unlock, some really challenging
* Added a fourth world: Vulcano
* Worlds can be unlocked with achievements or buying them with Stars
* Modified look of the planes