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v3.1.0 finally for #Android !

We just uploaded the new version for Android devices, the iPhone version will follow a little later, the new update brings another level to fly in and many little changes and improvements. It’s taken much longer to get this update out, basically we had a hard time getting level three to look and play the way we wanted.

Here is the full list of new stuff, and as mentioned, this is also coming to iPhone soon!

- Added the Techno World
- World-selection map, pick your fly zone!
- Helicopters now also give flyby points, and a nice sound ;)
- fixed the bonus-zone buildings (sometimes they looked wrong)
- Scores of 1000 and up will get uploaded (no need to beat your own best)
- add various special effects left and right
- the upgradable planes have their own special abilities! so it’s worth trying them all ;)
- Android: Gameplay fix for fast devices, the plane is more controllable now
- Android: Install to SD added