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Launch trailer!

Neoteria! Launching Thursday 23rd 2012 on Android and iOS (if Apple approves)

Release screenshots

It’s coming!

The title says it all right?  The game is now completely working on both Android and iOS, we are doing some final testing and such, and hope to have the game out and available end of next week on both platforms and if all goes to plan also on BlackBerry Playbook!

So stay tuned as we will be dropping screenshots, movies and more details in the coming week..

World three

First look at the World 3 graphics.  As you can see, the action is getting hot!

Development part 11

Why the long silence? well because a lot of work is being done, that’s why! We did our first beta test with a larger group, and some very great feedback was given. So after the test we ended up tweaking and changing things once again to get it all as perfect as possible.

The control-scheme used in Neoteria is somewhat different from other shooters. We don’t use a virtual-dPad, or the “touch on the screen to move there” methods. The idea behind Neoteria was simple: old school shooters. For anyone who grew up in the 80s or 90s this can only mean one thing: fast trigger-thumb!

So our controls are limited to up/down and shoot. This sounds limiting to some, but the game is designed around this! There will be people who complain about it, because it’s new and different, but from our testing we now know that it’s the right direction to take cause you will need that thumb doing all the work: the faster you press fire, the faster you shoot, so you don’t even have time to move left or right.

Besides the control testing we also got feedback on various things like ship-inertia, end boss, explosions and we managed to find some more stuff to tweak on our own.

Right now most of the work left is finishing the graphics, aliens and levels. And that’s where we are now: building levels!

We hope to have a release around mid-februari (Android), and that’s what we are working towards. The iOS version should be close after, depending on the speed of Apple’s approval-process as always.

Preview movie 2

With so many changes, updates, improvements and just hard work, it was about time for a second preview movie!

Animation scene art

Animation scene for world 1, it shows during world-select so you can just skip it if you want to dive into the action

Animation scene world 2!

First boss

First world Boss in action. The smaller guns have already been taken out, still some huge ass guns left!

Power-up gems

When you kill aliens they will spawn blue gems, collect them to power-up your weapon


Development part 10

First of all, sorry for no new game-art this post, but it’s been mostly a couple of days of diving into the code. A lot of tweaks and modifications, so let’s talk them through:

First: the humans I added in last post? they are out! The look wasn’t right (they looked like lemmings with space helmets), but more importantly the gameplay got screwed up by them. Diving down to save the humans meant you didn’t get enough time to really rack up scores shooting things down. Since the core concept of this game is and was: button-mashing-action, so we had to remove the humans and get the gameplay back up and running again.

On the subject of gameplay, the speed of the game has also been increased. Your ship now flies faster, which in turn makes the level feel more crowded since your encounter with new waves happens faster. A very minor gameplay tweak (you now fly half a pixel per frame faster) but a huge gain in gameplay.

The final tweaks have been about the power-up system. It’s not completed 100% yet, but it’s getting there. The first version had power-up pods sprinkled across the levels. Great for level designing, but not so much fun for actually playing the game.

After trying out a couple of different systems (lots of code created and then destroyed) the current one seems to be the best. Various aliens drop colored-cubes, the color is linked to a specific weapon in your arsenal. So if you are a great pilot you can decide which colored-cubes to grab and which to ignore to get your preferred weapon.

The next step is something that still needs testing out, but the idea is to have dead aliens spawn a diamond or energy-orb type thing. You collect these to power-up the current weapon, once you fill up the bar, your weapon upgrades to a new power-level. IF however you grab a different colored-cube, your power-up bar is reset to empty and you have to refill it.

Might sound difficult, but it should prove pretty simple and instinctive while adding a little tactical play to your game.

Oh and on a side note, the first few level-branches are now in the game and working, meaning there are some hidden paths/tricks/missions to unlock the extra levels in world one ;)