Space Grunts

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December 21, 2017

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Space Grunts combines fast paced arcade action with turn-based gameplay.
The year 2476, Earth’s space-federation has been building moon-bases across the galaxy.

One of the newer moon-bases has been sending out distress signals..
You play as one of the Space Grunts, a team of “problem solvers”, and your mission is to find your way into the moon-base, and figure out what has happened.
Find the lower levels of the moon-base, and get to the core of the problems.

Key features

  • Fast paced, instant, turn-based gameplay
  • Three unique classes of Grunts, each class has some unique characteristics when it comes to weapon and item usage.
  • Perma-death and procedural generation
  • Daily challenge, a new mission with leaderboards keeping track of your progress and time
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  • Esau Olivarria

    This game is going to be in the play store por app store?

  • Yes, it will be on App-store and Google Play in February. Sign up to our newsletter if you want to get notified :)

  • I cannot wait for this game, looks really cool and my type of game :D

    btw. Is the Android and Steam version included if i buy the game from here?

    And keep up the good work! You are an amazing company!

  • No, the humble widget will only be for the pc version with a steam key. Android is not included, at least not for now… actually I might do that, so will think about that before I release it on mobile

  • Nils

    Idea for Controls on iOS: A d-pad like in Doom&Destiny. A swipe for the direction change – swipe and hold for walking in the direction. This would omit missing this pixel-d-pad all the time.

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  • Walton Nuedorff

    How do you unlock the b-skins?
    I leveled captain all the way up to level 4 but still no B-skin.
    please help an exasperated player, Pascal!

  • check the big “b-skin spoiler” thread in the forums: