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Final Stardash level update

It’s here, the final and last ten Flipmode levels !  Now all worlds are completed and all levels playable for three stars.  It’s been a long road and we would love to thank all the awesome fans who are loving this game so much! so thank YOU!

We are currently forming plans on “Super Stardash” a sequel that will do this game justice and in true Nintendo “Super” fashion will come in some old school colors and the same amount of fun, so keep an eye on our Facebook/orangepixel and Twitter@orangepixel pages for announcements and news.



Help us and VOTE!

Stardash is one of the final nominees for “Best Time Killer” of 2011, and we could use every vote out there, so please tell everyone and press the yellow VOTE button on this page: http://www.bestappever.com/v/timk/2/com.orangepixel.stardash/vote

Stardash in top 2011

The guys over at PocketGamer compiled a “top 10″ list of Xperia Play 2011 games adding Stardash into it! Seeing the other games in the list, we are fairly honored to have our little retro game running and jumping along side those big productions!

Stardash, from the master of the retro platformer OrangePixel, looks and plays a lot like an old Game Boy release, with limited colour palette and upbeat chiptunes. It’s also incredibly hard.

Flip mode is here!

A little christmas present for you guys, the first 20 Flip mode levels are now live on Android market (iOS version hopefully live before the end of the week).

Flip mode lets you play the levels in reverse order from right to left, you can unlock FLIP mode in the first two worlds by unlocking all the levels in normal play. With FLIP mode you can unlock a third level star, so there are now 30 stars in world one and two!

Go check it out on Android Market!

Stardash OST !!

So you love the Stardash retro music?  It’s a classic right?  Well how about getting it to play where ever, and when ever you want without having to keep the game running?  Now you can!

The Original Soundtrack comes in it’s retro chiptune goodness, but also in cool remixed version



The new version of Stardash is now LIVE on Android and iPhone!   Ten awesome new levels are waiting for you to be electrified by.  We also squashed some bugs left and right to improve the game even more, so make sure to update to the new version by opening up Android market or go here for the downloads!

Or fetch it from the Appstore over here.


New world coming

Thanks to the awesome response from all gamers and reviewers we’ve been hard at work on completing a new world with nine challenging levels and a new temple level for unlocking pleasures!  There is even an awesome new soundtrack added for your pleasure (and more on the “soundtrack” department soon!)

The levels are now completed, and we hope to update the Android versions next week, with the iOS version following as soon as Apple approves the update. So get ready for some more dashing VERY soon!


Android market featured

Stardash just got featured on the Android market, a nice front-page spot!  This probably means we should hurry up with the new levels ! (yes they ARE coming!)

Gamezebo goes wowo.. !

To keep it short, a quote from the Gamezebo review:

Unlike most mobile games I review here at Gamezebo, I won’t be deleting this one as soon as I submit this review. No sirree, Stardash will be staying on my phone for a good, long time.

Nine over Ten says 4.5 out of 5

Another review popped up over at Nine over Ten! They loved Meganoid and wanted to see if we could get more love from them with Stardash.. guess what? we could! verdict: 4.5 out 5 rating

I think that 2D retro-themed games seem to be OrangePixel’s forte and Nine Over Ten 9/10 is not hesitant to rate Stardash at a 4.5 out of 5


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