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What’s this!?

The About page is now up and should have all the answers you might have. So head over there and read up on Johnny Retro, and his Stardash adventure!

In short, this is the game I came up with after the internet-talks that Nintendo should create games for Android and iOS devices.

Using gameboy style graphics and sounds for extra memories of old-school running and jumping.  It’s a little experiment to see if I could create such a game in the way the big N would do it.  A lot of care has been put in the level-design and the simplicity of it all.

Everyone should be able to understand this game from the moment it get’s picked up, but there are many layers of gameplay for those that are more skilled and really want to “beat the game”.

I did mix in some of the newer game-mechanics as we see them in mobile games these days. So you can unlock, the basically standard, stars per level by completing a level within the time limit, or by collecting all the coins.  Furthermore you can unlock special Temple-levels by finding hidden key’s in every level of a world.

The game comes with three worlds, with nine levels per world and one special unlockable Temple in every world.  I plan to add more worlds and levels in updates.


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