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What: Stardash is a retro platform (run-and-jump) game for Android and iOS devices featuring Johnny Retro.

Why: Why a game like this, looking like an old gameboy game? Well a few weeks ago there were some sites saying Nintendo should start creating games for iPhone and Android devices. I’m pretty sure that won’t happen, but it did get me wondering: what if!?   Now I don’t claim to have the same talent as the designers and developers at Nintendo, but I can sure get some awesome platform action going that reminds myself, and hopefully others, of the good old days..   and this is the end result.

It’s not perfect, but if you like this sort of game you should be pretty pleased with the memories it can give you!

Gameplay: this game doesn’t just use the looks of old Gameboy games; the level design, enemy designs and all other gameplay elements are as classic as possible. I looked, and played, a bunch of games and tried to figure out what makes a level good.

These levels can be pretty challenging, but they are all short and should be easy to give another try in a spare minute of your day.

Graphics and Audio: Gameboy style !

Developer: The game is designed, developed and pixelated by Orangepascal



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