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#iphone gets the third mission

Apple approved the iPhone update, so all you iPhone gamers can now play the third mission and actually check the highscores ;)  (the bug has left the building)  go and enjoy it!

#iPhone version is now live!

Apple approved the iPhone version in one go, so that means you can now get it on the Appstore (woohoo!)  The iPhone version is only two missions, but now that it’s made live, we will get the third mission added and it hopefully gets onto the appstore later next week (with any bugfixes we might have missed)

updated and still a free game on #Android

And here it is! the long awaited update for TimeChaos on Android !  What this update brings is a massive amount of goodies and it brings the game from a 48 hour project into a full and complete fun arcade experience.

You want the details on the update? Ok, how about this:  the single-screen gameplay is now turned into three missions, covering four area’s each !  We filled the area’s with soldiers, grenadiers, tanks, giants, NINJA’s !! laser-shooting-gizmo’s and big-knife carrying psycho’s!

But don’t worry! you get all the ammo you need, grenades, big-rounds, and a lot of powerups to keep you alive. We added more tunes, sound effects, and enhanced the gameplay in all area’s!

Trust me, you will want to get this update right now :)  the Android version remains free for now, with ad-sponsoring in there, but please don’t hesitate to give us some sponsoring if you want by visiting the Flash version and press the PayPal donate button ;)

beta testing before release

The big update for TimeChaos on Android is coming, all that is left is some hardcore game testing and then we are done. So with some luck we can release it either tomorrow or thursday !  The iPhone version is still waiting for Apple’s approval, but we have good hopes that it get’s the green light this week.

Check out the flash version to see what to expect in the Android version (a freaking third mission has been added!!)  the iPhone gamers will have to settle for two missions, but that’s because that whole approval process is a big pain in everyone’s butt ;)

Flashing our style

Remember what I said about this being a 48 hour project thing? Well after the iPhone version, I wanted to try some Flash development, and what better game to use as my first Flash game (EVER) !?  So now we have TimeChaos as Flash game available to be played online in your browser ;)

At this vary moment it’s even more interesting, because it already features the massive update we have coming to Android and on iPhone. Yup this little Flash version has the full missions with all the new enemies, locations, and grenades!  So give it a try or wait for the mobile update coming next week to Android and hopefully iPhone !