Platform: PC, iOS, Android
Platform: PC, iOS, Android
Platform: PC, iOS, Android



Residual v0.0.17 – Burning the Furnace and fixing that ship

November 13, 2020

Adding a furnace to the game, so we can melt stuff and burn stuff.. not giving away any spoilers here obviously, but it’s a required device! On top of that, there’s now a sweet “patch your ship” mission you can complete once you get all the required resources that is! READ MORE

Character select and managing the project

October 16, 2020

A sweet character select screen is introduced, alongside a whole new interface setup for the printer device in your crashed ship. To top it all off, a bunch of fixes and tweaks and a slight bump in resolution – don’t worry, it’s still pixelart ! READ MORE

Adding more life to the galaxy

October 9, 2020

Improvements to the life-forms in the game, and a whole new selectable character is brought to life for some nice player variation. On top of that a bunch of tiny fixes, and improvements, as with every weekly update! READ MORE