A Pocketforce Adventure, interdimensional portal are a thing of the future atleast they were until scientists found a break thru and had the first working portal. They call in the help of the Pocketforce team

Scientist created the first inter dimensional portal called the Slipgate. Now they call in the help of the Pocketforce organisation to go thru the Slipgate and explore different dimensions. A slowpaced, graphically beautifull, platform game. Find the switches to take care of death traps and decent your way down the worlds.


  • State of the art detailed graphics
  • 12 challenging levels
  • 4 Different fantasy worlds
  • Skirmish random-play mode
  • Handy-continue play mode saves your progress for your next play moment
  • OnPhone Highscore saving
  • Challenging fun for the casual gamer
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