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January 5, 2021

Stardash brings the Gameboy vibes to Nintendo Switch. Retro graphics, chiptunes, wrapped in a challenging platformer!

About the game

Not just the looks of a classic game, also the gameplay of a classic platformer. This game is NOT EASY! you have an endless amount of lives, so you can quickly restart a level when you miss a jump, get hit by an enemy, get bitten by a plant, get hit by a spiky-ball, crushed by big statues, run onto spikes, get hit by a wasp, or any of the other many ways you’ll get stopped in your run.

BUT when you do complete a level, the rush you get will keep you coming back for more, and more, and more, and..

Unlock special temple levels by finding hidden keys, unlock a flip-mode by completing a level both within the time set, and also by collecting all the coins in a level.

Stardash is all about the gameplay thrown at you in awesome retro graphics and original chiptunes.


“all the ingredients needed for platforming excellence” – iFanzine

“Orange Pixel nailed everything they were going for in this veritable symphony of old school gaming.” – Appolicious

“back to my early years, playing my favorite platform games” – unbound gamer

“if you’re not gonna grab this, you will miss something truly wonderful” – app-score

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