PR: The world needs saving!! …. but you can also play Meganoid on Steam, Android or iOS right NOW!

A challenging platformer + rogue-like that combines a Meat-boy style challenge with Spelunky type exploration in space; Meganoid launches today on Steam(Windows,Linux, macOS), Android and iOS platforms.

Meganoid - Logo

The over-the-top launch trailer is available here starring Christer Kaitila (aka McFunkyPants)



About the game

Meganoid is a challenging platformer, generating new levels on every play session. Find many items to enhance your character and his abilities while you descend down into the Meganoid space ship. Do you rush for the exit, or do you take your time to collect everything there is, barely escaping the security drones that will hunt you down if you linger.  The full price will be $4.99/£3.99 on all platforms, with a 10% launch discount lasting until April 3rd.

Presskit can be found here and you can download a zip of Assets here:

If you would like to try out the game (promocode or steamcode), please contact me and let me know which platform you prefer  (PRESS ONLY).


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