Ashworld v0.1.1

The first update is here, fixing some “obvious” problems with interface controls, but also balancing out some settings and adding a few small features.  My plan is to push new updates on Thursday, that leaves me with a Friday to fix any small bugs I might have caused and making sure there is no broken-game in the weekend!

Some changes require you to start a new game for them to take effect, since they are part of the world-generation process. Update the game through the app, or download the game from your dashboard!

List of changes:


  • fix: binoculars/sniper gun was not working with gamepad
  • fix: mouse in interface/navigation screens
  • fix: possible crash in map-view
  • fix: backing out of “continue/newgame” screen triggering options screen
  • fix: possible crash caused by “unknown” controllers
  • fix: cooking rawmeat doesn’t decrease rawmeat in inventory
  • fix: crates don’t cause explosions anymore
  • fix: crates now actually break up in wood debris effect
  • fix: load-game now restores your XP and skilllevel
  • fix: random-avatars have name “Ash” in dialog

New stuff:

  • add: add XP/Skills/Level to savegame info
  • add: show current XP/maxXP on skill-screen (and maybe on mission/pause screen)


  • balance: let torches last longer in-doors
  • balance: items that have a max-pickup count, won’t spawn much when you are on the max
  • balance: energy/stamina has slower decrease
  • balance: dog-cage easier to hit (newgame)
  • balance: skills are slightly harder to unlock (newgame)

Recent updates

January 23, 2018

Terra towers, missing dogs, and unchangeable gamepad settings! A list of tiny, but important, fixes and changes.
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