Ashworld v0.2.0

I try to limit the amount of updates that break the saved-games, but sadly this is one of those where there’s no way around it!  There have been some major bugs in the story-line missions not spawning correctly, and the fix for that required such a re-write that old saved-games (from previous versions) can’t be used anymore.

One of the downsides to an early-access build. However, this does come with a SHITload of fixes, improvements, and changes based on all your feedback, so let’s check the full list:


  • CRITICAL FIX: skelly-nest would not always spawn next story-mission (at compound) (requires newgame)
  • fix: packed for 64-bit linux (instead of 32-bit)
  • fix: don’t add radiation to compound buildings (newgame)
  • fix: buildings are “reset” after completing a quest/task (fixes problem of Butch/shop not talking to you after killing sandworms)
  • fix: dog mission now ends with a dialog hinting you to go back to the compound for more (requires newgame)
  • fix: sandworm area is now free from rager/skelly-spawns
  • fix: fuel only decreases if actually pressing up/down
  • fix: your home is now a more safe zone (less spawns)
  • fix: NPC’s now give more useful text, more frequent, so less “chitchat”
  • fix: game instructions now switch to gamepad by default as startup if one is found (pressing any key will switch to keyboard)
  • fix: less screenshake if it’s just enemy shooting
  • fix: player moves slower when picking up crates, etc
  • fix: sandworm-dust now lighter when underground, easier to trace and see what’s happening
  • fix: loadgame() could cause duplicate entities
  • fix: Butch not turning into a proper shop keeper
  • fix: no more ragers in buildings with skelly-nests
  • fix: burned skelliess/ragers in buildings won’t harm player anymore (only other enemies)
  • fix: driving over corpses spawns XP points
  • fix: burning skellies didn’t trigger the completion of a skelly-nest
  • fix: you need to smash with a burning torch to light enemies on fire instead of walking against them
  • fix: made un-craftable items more obviously unavailable
  • fix: dog-mission now spawns closer to your location
  • fix: captain could appear double in compound after kill-worm quest
  • fix: don’t spawn avatars in hostage building

New Additions:

  • add flag to “Home” building after entering it
  • add: garage’s now stock fuel (once you saved Gaz’)
  • added: instructions on how to put stuff down when picked up

Balancing thingies:

  • balance: changed speeds and turning-speed on cars for less frustration while driving (keep those roads safe!)
  • balance: rager-attacks are now more focused to locations like campfire, hanging-skulls on poles, water-tanks, etc
  • balance: tweaked XP required to earn new skill-points
  • balance: small increase in drop rate on ammo

Recent updates

January 23, 2018

Terra towers, missing dogs, and unchangeable gamepad settings! A list of tiny, but important, fixes and changes.
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