Ashworld v1.5.4 – Where are the Terra towers?

More and more players are finding themselves hunting for the Terra towers, so it became apparent that most players also don’t like searching the ashworld for it! Let’s call it a design flaw, but this update is here to fix that and a few other things.  The Terra-towers will now show up on your map after you enter and exit a portal, happy hunting!

The update is pushing now to Android, Itch, Steam and being uploaded for approval to Apple (takes up to 2-3 days).

  • add fix for dog losing his graphics
  • add: dog now shows up on radar when you lost him
  • add: info that skins only work on new-games
  • add: terra towers now added to overworld (after stepping through a portal)
  • fixed: gamepad settings wouldn’t properly load/save


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