v1.1.1 – fix it! and control it!

This patch comes with just bug fixes and tweaks. A bunch of possibly-crashes are fixed, a big objective-completion bug is fixed (the collecting imp-skulls one).

And this update comes with a bunch of Gamepad fixes and improvements, so that the game is now ready for AndroidTV release on Thursday!

Fixes in this version:

  • fix: killed rat, dropping cheese, could then grab cheese and flee (!)
  • fix: crash caused by unlocking achievements if not properly logged in.
  • fix: objective completion not registering correctly
  • fix: stoned creatures couldn’t be smashed
  • fix: Sitting on the Throne could crash game
  • fix: correctly load changed gamepad settings
  • fix: removed “YOUR HAT SIR” from settings menu (old interface design, didn’t do anything anymore).
  • fix: made pause button work on gamepads (use “back” button)
  • fix: gamepad button setup bugs
  • fix: assigning gamepad buttons to Codex now works correctly
  • fix: removed pause-button from screen when playing with gamepad (on mobile)
  • fix: settings menu had some overlapping items when using gamepads.
  • fix: escape/back key now exits the game (not on ios)


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