Gunslugs:Rogue Tactics

Recent updates

May 10, 2019

Combining two big updates into one! Redesigning the way skills work and the whole skill interface, and of course a huge amount of fixes, changes and improvements!

BETA SIGN-UP now open

You can now sign-up for the first beta on May 10th, drop by on and check the gunslugs channel!

About the game

Listen up soldier! The Black Duck Army are doing dangerous experiments all over the globe, we need to infiltrate their buildings, sabotage their plans, rescue the hostages all while saving the world… gear up!

Gunslugs:Rogue Tactics is a tactical action game where you take control over your elite squad of soldiers, trying to take out the Black Duck Army and stop their world threatening experiments by sneaking your way past the enemy lines, avoiding camera and security drones, planting C4 to take down buildings and complete various missions.

If sneaking fails, you can always try brute force and resort to a collection of melee and ranged weapons like knives, samurai swords, machine-guns, plasma-guns, rocket launchers, and anything else you can get your hands on.

Start the game with your two main characters, and rescue various other squad members in missions to have them join your squad. Missions play out in various locations, and range from simple building-destruction, to hostage rescue, sabotage, hacking, making contact with informers and more. Complete missions to unlock new locations in the game, and see if you can stop the Black Duck Army from opening the gates of hell.

Gain eXPerience by completing missions, taking down enemies in a stealthy way, and you’ll be able to level-up each character and unlock skill-points which can be used to improve the character skills: run faster, aim further, carry more ammo, make less noise, etc.

Visit the various pop-up stores for random encounters with helpful shop-keepers, nurses and other weird stores. Some pop-up stores will allow you to travel to different areas and find new items that might help you on your mission.

The game uses procedurally generated environments, making every game a different experience, and failing your mission is just an excuse to try again as your starting team will always be different, and the world will come with new challenges and different building layouts to sneak your way through.

Key features:

  • Missions – complete missions to progress in the game
  • Stealth – Avoid security cameras, hide from enemies and distract them with rocks, tennis-balls or other throwable objects.
  • Loot – A variation of items is there to help you on your missions, shields, helmets, different shoe types, EMP’s, weapons, and more. Learn how to use each item in the most optimal way to help you survive missions
  • Procedural generation – Every game will be generated differently, increasing the replay value.

You can also watch video updates on the games development over at the Youtube channel, or sign-up to the newsletter for exclusive design sketches and information.

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