Gunslugs:Rogue Tactics v0.0.5 – shops, lasers and more

Version 0.0.5 is here, and it’s full of new features! I also redid the weapon system, again, so let’s see how long it stays in this state.  There’s a huge amount of little features and gameplay tweaks added to the game, so check the full list below.

Grab the update from the Patreon download link.

  • added “popup shops” mostly empty now, but functionality is there
  • added Lasers
  • added a “Swing” to the baseball bat. Can now be used to “launch” crates, barrels or bombs
  • crowbar can now smash crates in one blow
  • turned Pick-Axe from Item into a Weapon (now has ability to cling to walls longer)
  • changed: removed randomness from ventilations. Giving them more tactical use.
  • changed: enemy-weapon drop-rate (increased)
  • changed: moved to truetype fonts for all text (allowing translation in future)
  • changed to 2 weapon: melee + 1 gun system (still tweaking and testing)
  • changed: bullets now have a “reach” which can be increased with skills or items later on
  • fix picking up items infront of a door (door would take over)
  • fix over-world being less “full” of scenery
  • fixed enemies walking into lasers. Now they wait nicely.. unless they are raged (or you trick them to stand under neath a laser when it’s shut off)
  • fix lasers staying active when the walls they are attached to are gone
  • fix where player’s head would be rotated on his body after an uppercut/door transition combo
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