Orangepixel celebrates 15 years being an Indiedev


I’m Pascal from Orangepixel, and I am celebrating my 15th year as Orangepixel – an independent developer!

Having been an Android developer since the Google Dev1 devices hit the market, it means this is also the anniversary of a decade of Android game releases, and I figured one great way to celebrate this is by releasing a couple of Free games on Android!

For that purpose I just released a couple Free versions of some award winning games on Google Play.  These games are  free versions of Premium Orangepixel games, but with advertising , free to play, and no in-app payments!

I’ve listed the new games below with short info and links, BUT on top of those games, I also updated free versions of : Gunslugs 1, Gunslugs 2, Space Grunts, and Heroes of Loot 1 and made them available again on Google Play, fully updated to run on all the latest devices and Android versions !   (full list of Orangepixel’s Google Play games :

The newly released FREE games are:

Sir Questionnaire – a turn-based hack and slash adventure, where you enter a dungeon full of loot, creatures and mystery.

A former Game of the day, and in many “Best of ” top 10 lists, is now available for free!

You enter a dungeon and each room gives you two options: leave the room, or interact with what ever is in the room. This can be monsters, but also debris, treasure chests, pools of water, or just another door!

Take on Quests as you enter every game, ranging from easy to hard, with each quest type giving you a reward for your next game. The harder the quest, the bigger the reward, so choose wisely!

A game that never stops giving you surprises and new encounters.

Google Play link:
Press site:  (with media download and more info)

Youtube trailer:


Meganoid 2017 – Meganoid is a challenging platformer, generating new levels on every play session. Find many items to enhance your character and his abilities while you descend down into the Meganoid space ship.

Using procedurally generated levels, Meganoid 2017 reboots the Meganoid franchise in a modern way, taking hints from games like Spelunky. Keeping the original difficulty levels of the original Meganoid game, but making it more rewarding and adding more variation with a host of inventory items to find and learn about, and alternate routes to discover towards your end-goal!

Awarded with various “Game of the week” and “Best new” game awards by big mobile gaming sites.

Google Play link:
Press site:

Youtube trailer:


Heroes of Loot 2 – A castle with skulls, demons, minotaurs, bats, magic, bombo’s, cyclops, and loot.. did we mention loot? This game has loot! and four heroes which you control at once!

Another award winning game, inspired by the classic Gauntlet games, the second part of Heroes of Loot takes the game deeper into dungeons and deeper into gameplay!  Adding quests, unlockable skill cards, new characters, and many new surprises to one of Orangepixel’s best selling franchises.

Google Play link:
Press site:

Youtube trailer:


Thanks for reading!

Bye ! – Pascal

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