Snake Core Update 1.5.0: Bug fixing and bonus scores

Version 1.5.0 comes with somewhat of a mix and match of multiple tiny updates I did depending on which platform you’re playing the game! This update comes with a few new additions, but mostly fixes for weird and silly things happening now and then. So make sure to update !

Full changes list:

  • added: wide-screen support (android)
  • added: Leaderboard for Steam version wasn’t fully implemented (oops!)
  • added: disable drawing of clock-wise buttons on screen (see settings)
  • added: bigger end-of-level score bonuses
  • added: rescued scientists didn’t actually give score bonus
  • fixed: crash in unit-upgrade (v1.4.1)
  • fixed: rescued Scientist dropped now positioned correctly on the grid
  • fixed: Steam achievements not unlocking
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