More cuteness and character

Making the annoying bot more cute, more funny, and more likeable. While turning the game into the most stable version so far. Almost done! READ MORE

Residual v0.0.23: We have lift-off!

First update of the new year, and it’s a good one: we can finally escape the planet in our space-ship! That and a bunch more changes and updates taking the game closer to releasable state. READ MORE

Gunslugs2: Improved gamepad support

Bringing much improved gamepad support on PC to this classic, also comes with some changes to the windowed-resolution settings, making the game even better! READ MORE

Residual v0.0.17 – Burning the Furnace and fixing that ship

Adding a furnace to the game, so we can melt stuff and burn stuff.. not giving away any spoilers here obviously, but it’s a required device! On top of that, there’s now a sweet “patch your ship” mission you can complete once you get all the required resources that is! READ MORE

Character select and managing the project

A sweet character select screen is introduced, alongside a whole new interface setup for the printer device in your crashed ship. To top it all off, a bunch of fixes and tweaks and a slight bump in resolution – don’t worry, it’s still pixelart ! READ MORE

Adding more life to the galaxy

Improvements to the life-forms in the game, and a whole new selectable character is brought to life for some nice player variation. On top of that a bunch of tiny fixes, and improvements, as with every weekly update! READ MORE

The start of procedural creatures

The start of a new system for the game: procedurally generated life-forms / creatures.. it’s an interesting first attempt, let’s see what this will grow into in the coming weeks! READ MORE

The big boost of content

A new and improved visor is added, more creatures to fill up the planet, and let’s talk about that Kickstarter campaign! READ MORE

Let’s open that spaceship!

New life forms added, a cool way to crashland on a planet like a pro, and a long list of fixes and improvements in this weeks update! READ MORE

Space Grunts Update v1.7.0 : Tornado season

Captain, we are encountering what looks like a tornado season on the planet’s surface. This might fling you around a bit, and shake up your deck of cards.. but don’t worry.. it’s not all bad! READ MORE

Fifteen years in the making

Fifteen years of being an independent game developer has been a wild ride. Never expected this to last that long, but so far it has.. let’s see if we can add another couple of years to it! READ MORE

Space Grunts 2 DEVLOG #4 – Interface and mouse controls

The major focus this week was on some reprogramming of the monster AI, by adding signal-maps to the game, allowing fun toys like signal-bombs to distract or lure aliens. I’ve also plugged in some funky A*-pathfinding mouse-controls and made sure that bomb-explosions now also cause walls to be destroyed.

All in all, a week with small but important changes to Space Grunts 2. Check out the video, and read the tech-blog by clicking! READ MORE