Ashworld v1.5.0

Ashworld v1.5.0 brings a bigger backpack, two new skills and a bunch of balancing changes READ MORE

Ashworld v0.7.0 – Steam release

Version 0.7.0 marks the official Steam release version, with some new lighting effects, a “nemesis-lite” system for enemies and a couple of fixes. READ MORE

Ashworld v0.2.1

The Tinkerer is now capable of creating some interesting gadgets.. at a cost! A bunch of gamepad fixes, and smaller changes all over the place. Go check it out! READ MORE

Ashworld v0.2.0

Some critical fixes having to do with the main story missions arch, improvements on car handling, and less frustrating-encounters with ragers. READ MORE

Ashworld v0.1.1

First update, fixing some interface navigation issues, some balancing and tweaks. Read more for full list of changes. READ MORE


Scavenge, fight, attack, defend, and survive in the Ashworld. Post apocalyptic open-world survival. READ MORE