Regulator City Pitch

Welcome to Regular City, where you form part of an elite team of highly-trained individuals working to take down gangs of criminals in a bid to maintain balance within a growing city.

What is Regulator City

  • Inspired by TV shows like S.W.A.T and Seal team
  • Take on the role of leader of an AI-controlled team of specialists
  • Complete missions across the city to keep a balance between the gangs :
    • Hostage rescue
    • Intel gathering
    • Target take-down
    • Clean-up (take down a whole gang)
    • Robbing gang vaults
  • Use tactics to navigate the different buildings
    • cut the power
    • disable security systems
    • create alternate routes and sneak past enemies rather than engaging them head-on
  • Meanwhile grow your city from a single block to more expensive buildings and area’s
    • Use money taken from gangs during missions
  • Optionally play with a couple of friends in local co-op mode
  • Utilize a range of special abilities to help you succeed in different mission types: 
    • Power fists – smashes all enemies nearby
    • Disguise – your team will look like the enemy
    • Animal-control – control rats, dogs and other critters to sneak around the building

Alpha build trailer:

The gameplay improves week after week during development, so this trailer will always be a bit outdated, but it highlights some of the elements of the game. This footage shows a single player and his team of AI-controlled specialists work as a team and respond to different situations that can occur within the city.

Example situation: When moving to a closed door, your team will notice if a second door exists for the same room and automatically position themselves to breach from both entry points.

Who is Orangepixel

Orangepixel ( is Pascal Bestebroer, a Dutch independent game developer with 69 commercial game releases under his belt. Pascal handles every aspect of development under the Orangepixel brand with the exception of game music and high-resolution art for marketing.

As well as game design, development, graphics, sound effects, and marketing, Pascal produces a weekly video for a growing YouTube audience on his channel. (

Orangepixel track record:

  • releasing commercial games as an independent developer since 2004 on mobile (pre-smartphone era), ios, android, PC, Switch, PSVita, 3DS, Chromebooks, FirefoxOS and a host of other short-lived devices like Ouya and many others.
  • Most successful games include the  Heroes of Loot series (selling over 500k copies cross platforms) Gunslugs series, and Space Grunts. 
  • Most recent game (2021): Residual, a non-violent survival game released on PC and Switch, with xBox and Playstation versions on the way, and a mobile version in development.
  • Regulator City is my 70th commercial game

Why am I looking for a publisher


  • Help with funding the final stretch
  • Help with marketing/promotion/community building before release
  • Help with text-translation for localization (code is ready for it)
  • QA
  • And in general, help me push this game to a bigger audience than I can do on my own.


Current state of the game

  • All of the core systems required for gameplay have been implemented, including the team AI, level creation system, game progression system, overall graphical style, and a map of how the gameplay/story will progress from beginning to end.
  • The current focus is on content production, including final level layouts, mission types, enemy variations, hazard creation, and anything else that increases the fun factor along the way.
  • Music still needs to be settled on and created, including stingers for special moments and aiming for creating a theme-song which will come back in various music in the game.


  • Regulator City started development in April 2021, but has been in development along side work on Residual (previous game, pushing various releases). All in all, Regulator City is now in development for a little under 12 months.
  • Expected amount of development time left is 6 months to get all content and gameplay ready for a PC release. 
    • that excludes time porting to consoles, which should be another 2-3 months excluding lot-check issues.
  • Based on my previous games released without the involvement of publishers, extra marketing efforts, or PR companies, and with me mailing press (and mostly getting ignored) – my games generally make between $20k and $40k across all platforms in the first couple of months after release. I’m confident that with professional PR, marketing and community building behind it, Regulator City can generate substantially more over its lifetime – but that is where YOU as a publisher has to step up ;)
  • My games always offer high replay-ability due to procedural-generated elements.
  • The release date is flexible if a publisher is selected and has a desired release window in mind


Funding requirements

  • $35k funding to complete the game’s PC version.
  • $15k funding to get the game up and running on Switch, Xbox and Playstation – I already have access to dev kits for all current console platforms  (including PS5) a great console-partner who has done ports for all existing Orangepixel games, so we have experience porting previous Orangepixel games and know what to expect. Hence the fairly low funding requirements and quick turnaround quoted on console ports.


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