Space Grunts 2

Recent updates

October 8, 2019

The second update is here, and it's a pretty big one! Introducing the first game event (Comets) a dialog+tutorial system, save-game and a bigger map amongst a host of fixes and tweaks.

About the game

Land on a planet, find an entrance to a space station, and battle aliens, robots and hazardous environments using your deck of cards.

Key features

  • Turn-based gameplay – take your time with every step
  •  Card-based battle and inventory system – use your deck of cards to win battles, unlock doors and level-up
  • Procedurally generated – levels, game-events, enemies, everything is different on every play-through.


Space Grunts 2 is a fast-turn based rogue-like with card-battling mechanics from Orangepixel. Navigate your way through the randomly created levels, and when you encounter aliens, robots, or interactive objects, use your deck of cards to either do battle or activate machines or open doors.

In-game events will make every game you play even more interesting, pitting you with different challenges and mysteries to solve.

Find passage to secret area’s and unlock rare cards to help you in your adventure.

Early Access

Follow the game’s development though blogs on this site, or semi-weekly vlogs over at youtube.



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