Meganoid Areas

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Standard worlds

Image Name Description
The docking bay The safest way to enter the Meganoid. Use this area to get used to the environment. There are still some lab-coats roaming around including some lab-coats controlled by alien should have no problem surviving this area.
The bio-dome Our bio-dome contained various types of life and plants. After the laboratory ‘problems’ it became a volatile area. Alien controlled robotics seem to be attracted towards this area.
The laboratory This is where things started. Our experiments on alien dna might have not been the smartest thing to do. This area is not safe! Alien critters, defensive robots and a bunch of defence systems are going crazy.
The hull breach It seems some alien life form is close to breaching the outer hull of the Meganoid. This can not be allowed to happen! Find the cause of the problems, and contain it ASAP!

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Alternate worlds

Image Name Description
transport tube If you have the oxygen mask you can try to take a shortcut through the tubes. Just watch out for the many robotic piranha’s floating around. They are filtering the tubes at extreme settings.
techwaste Our dump sight for robotic waste. It seems that what ever is controlling the robots, is doing it from down there. The only access point to the tech-waste is broken, so you’ll need to find some bolt and nut to fix it.
alien world Our stargate experiment opened the way to this alien planet. It’s dark, gloomy and full of dangerous alien plants. we have left a BFD over there to blow up the stargate on that end, see if you can find it.

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