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Low Danger

Image Name Description
Elevator danger level:0
Some elevators are still working, and can be used to reach higher careful when using EMP’s as elevators will stop working.
Spikes danger level:1
Non-moving metallic shards have appeared out of the walls and floors.easily avoidable, but still dangerous when getting to close.
Platforms danger level:0
Some floating platforms are acting up. When too much weight is placed on them they will drop down and vanish, only to re-appear a few seconds later at their original spot.
Teleporter danger level:0
We luckily still have control over these teleporters. Stand on them and we’ll be able to send you to the next nearest teleporter.
Upgrade device danger level:0
These devices can be used to increase your maximum life energy. They do require a blue key-card to operate.
Healing device danger level:0
The healing devices can restore your life-energy. Make sure to use a red key-card to operate.
Replicator danger level:0
These replicator devices are still working, all you need is feed it a bunch of diamonds and it should be able to generate a host of usable items for you.
Critter danger level:0
Harmless critter bugs, they can fuel a critter-juicer for extra life-energy, and they might be hackable to turn them into small bombs. Watch out when touching them, they might shortcut your navigational sensors.
Labcoats danger level:0
That’s us! we are not a target. Some of us are trying to get a couple devices working which might even help you on your mission. We are friendly, I repeat: friendly!
Robot teleport danger level:0
this device allows you to teleport into the techwaste area. maybe when you are there you can figure out what is controlling these robots!
Alien duplicator danger level:0
Use this at your own risk! It’s rumored to duplicate your life-energy.. but non of us was brave enough to try it out. It’s only found on the alien planet, we don’t think bringing it here is safe!
Stargate danger level:0
Our stargate device, maybe… we shouldn’t have build this..

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Medium Danger

Image Name Description
Lasers danger level:2
Lasers are mostly just annoying and with some simple timing they should not pose much problems.
Turrets danger level:3
Another defensive system that’s still operating. These turrets are always moving in the same pattern, they are not attracted by movement so it’s easy to fool them. They can be hacked.
Robots danger level:3
Some malfunctioning robots. It looks like they are under the control of something best to avoid them, but with some good thumping on their heads you should be able to destroy them.
Critter alien danger level:3
Critters controlled by alien brain creatures. These are dangerous on can still jump on them to crush the brain part.
Alien goo danger level:3
We’re not sure if this alien goo is actually alive, but it seems to detect life forms and will drop down when you approach it. Make sure to stay clear from the impact, as it spawns dangerous alien acid drops.
Alien labcoats danger level:2
Some of our labcoat friends didn’t make it out in time. They are now controlled by an alien brain, aimlessly wondering around.

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High Danger

Image Name Description
Rocketlaunchers danger level: 5
Rocket launchers are highly active defense systems in the Meganoid.rocket launchers are triggered by nearby movement.they can be hacked to have a shorter range or slow rockets.
Crawlers danger level:4
Some critters got electrified and are now roaming the walls. A single touch will destroy your energy, so do not touch.
Alien brain danger level:4
These alien brain devices are bouncing around looking for a host to control.with some timing you should be able to avoid these.
Piranha danger level:5
Robotic piranha’s, originally designed to filter the tubes, but they somehow evolved into dangerous creatures. Luckily they are only found inside the tubes so you shouldn’t worry about them
Alrock-bran danger level:5
This is one of the bigger aliens we’ve seen. It seems to control the robots!it has somehow build a rocket launcher device and attached itself to it.destroying it might make all robots controllable again!
Alien plant danger level:5
We only identified these plants in the bio-lab experiments. They luckily can’t grow on this side of the stargate. They aren’t dangerous, but the alien acid they spit out is highly dangerous.
Mimic danger level:5
Some megaboxes are not real! megabox technology combined with alien dna made them highly explosive
Security drone danger level:5
Hostile security drones. We have no control over these, luckily they will only show up if you take to long at any one spot. Make sure to keep moving through the levels to avoid running into them.
Alien acid boss danger level:5
The creature hoovering near the hull breach, in fact, we think this is the cause of the hull breach. Take him out!

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