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Image Name Description
captain a sharp mind when it comes to battle, a clear focus on his surroundings makes him very good at finding usable items

strongarm if you look up space grunt in the dictionary, it has his picture. less brain, more strength, a great character if you like to kill some aliens

techjunky what she lacks in raw firepower, she makes up for in tech knowledge. squeezing the most out of any tech she might find

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Image Name Description
captain (b-skin) using his sharp mind and focus he managed to survive a nasty acid accident in nuclear radiation areas

To unlock, play as Captain, and die by stepping on Acid in level 10,11 or 12.

strongarm (b-skin) battle-hardened he managed to survive a spider nest using nothing but a damaged battle suit

To unlock, play as Strongarm, wear a damaged battle-suit, and kill at least 3 spiders.

techjunky (b-skin) her knowledge of damaged tech managed to transform her into a cybernetic being after a teleport incident

To unlock, play with TechJunky, make sure you have a broken item and have invisibility active when stepping through an exit.

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