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Image Name Description
Small medikit +3 increase to your health.
Big medikit +5 increase to your health.
Small shells +4 Shells
Big shells +8 shells
Frags +1 Rocket / Frags
Big plasma +4 Plasma
Crowbar Crowbar melee weapon
Ammo box Ammo box, increase various ammo:
+(1-5) shells
+(1-5) Frags
Gaia Ancient statue, it will revive you after death.

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Image Name Description
small absorber Absorbs random hit-points (max: half damage, minimum: 0pts)
shot doubler Doubles your weapon shots.
mobile emp A short duration EM pulse, disables all robotic lifeforms.
bionics +6 on your max HP, and completely refills your HP.
big absorber Absorbs random hit-points (max: full damage, minimum: 0pts)
regeneration Regenerates your health fully
triple shot Triple shot
teleporter Beam out to latest active beacon
invisibility Alien tech, makes you invisible for others.
small timewarp Warp time around you, allows you to do multiple turns
grunt boots Protect against alien goo
home beacon Used for spawning reinforcement and creating a safe spot.
techmine Alien DNA based explosive, damages only aliens around you.
datacard Find a cpu to access it.
CLR mine Cleaner mine, only triggered by alien DNA walking onto it.
berzerker gun Deals a lot of damage, costs a lot of ammo
gas mask Works great against radiation.
RC drone Radio controlled explosive-bot.
flamethrower Make it hot!
decoy duck Old toys working great as decoy
ancient orb: atlas Reveals the full map.
ancient orb: detox Removes all sorts of radiation.
ancient orb: extender Doubles active item duration.
adrenaline Temporarily adds extra life force
tricorder Detect life forms and energy

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Rare items

Image Name Description
big timewarp Warp time around you for longer time, allows you to do multiple turns
alien artifact Weird alien artifact (allows you to enter ancient alien passages)
battle suit Improves fire power and acts as shield.
super regen Continously regenerates your health until it runs out.
luck amulet Increases your luck skills.
hack key Shuts down security systems on a level, needs a cpu to activate.
tech manual Increases your technology skills.
sonic tool A screwdriver, will fix damaged items.
space cube Interdimensional storage space – increases your inventory space.
detector Can detect weapon upgrades
detector Can detect hidden rooms
detector Can detect spider nests
portalus Creates an anomaly / portal to an ancient temple.

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