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Image Name Description
critter small alien creatures, aggressive biters. mostly seen outside the base
tartar we think critters grow into these. less aggressive, but still best to avoid
drone base drones have gone crazy. their aim seems to be off, keep your distance
security bot they are on alert, but avoid their sights and you should be fine
activated bot these old bots are dangerous, luckily they are slow and easily taken care of
alien slime hazardous alien material. left over from experiments. wear protective boots
laser turret base defence systems
marauder damn space pirates, they teleport in trying to grab anything of worth
tallion more dangerous than marauders, they are here for blood and flesh only
space pirates we believe they control lesser aliens
flames base disintegrators
worm alien parasites don’t let them cling onto you
alien plant weird plant type. some spread healing spores, other radiation!
bomb critter bionically modified critters.. they poop explosives
spawner alien portal device which spawns various aliens
acid acid, this will melt through anything
fire spread spreading fire, stay away until it dies out
alien pillar it sends out some sort of healing power to the aliens
spiderweb sticky spiderwebs, they slow you down, try melee weapons
radiation deadly radiation area
cave entrance a tunnel to underground caves
alien goo alien goo, very poisonous
exit device Exit Device

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Image Name Description
strugger manipulated aliens, we believe these are controlled by something
cyberalien aggressive cybernetic creatures. heavy duty weapons required
warper they own powerful warping technology. hard to hit and dangerous aim
spider small children usually found with their mom nearby.
zombie dead inhabitants of the moonbase came back to life
reinforcement reinforcement helping you in clearing out rooms
whigo runs at inhuman speeds, no way to outrun them
sluggish next evolution of the strugger

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Image Name Description
skitter watch out for these, they wait in the corners and spit acid
mommy spider very dangerous spiders, mix of alien and technology. best run away
mimick The mimick looks like a crate, but is dangerous!
electric fence an electric fence trap set out by space pirates

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