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Entities come in all shapes and forms. From doors, to bombs to plants and more. Most entities have some sort of interaction available, and some entities will allow you to use rare cards like doors allowing you to play key-cards.




Name Image Description
Door separates two areas.
Crate Wooden shipment crate, left overs from an older society, some contain valuable items.
Metal crate Metal crate, needs a big punch or hit to be cracked open, often contains multiple items.
Exit Elevator taking you deeper into the planet.
Wall A wall, doesn’t look very solid. Through the cracks you can see something shine.
Pod plant Weird type of plant, it doesn’t look very natural to this planet.
Acid barrel Barrel full of dangerous alien acid of some sorts.
Plasma bomb Bombs filled with plasma, they don’t need much to explode. Looks like previous inhabitants left these all over the place.
Plant Interesting looking plant. Some of these plants seem to carry various spores.
Eating Plant Aggressive flesh eating variation of plants.
The Blob A computer infested with alien goo.

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Name Image Description
Healing Access to all health cards in your deck.
Reshaper Reshapes all type of cards into attack cards, and attack cards into defence cards.
Incinerator Clean up your deck by destroying the played cards.
Teleport Teleportation landing spot.
Ammo-gen Turns any card into an ammo-box card.
Flamer Exhaust for the furnace.

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