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Items are all over the game, you can find them in rooms, they are dropped by monsters and you can buy them from merchants.

They range from potions, to weapons and shields, to more rare and interesting variations that in some way change how Sir Questionnaire interacts and survives the dungeon .



Name Image Rare Description
Wooden shield very common Provides defence against attacks.
Iron shield common Provides quality defence against attacks.
A mirror very rare Can act as very weak shield.
note:Can reflect evil stares.
Vibranium shield very rare Someone must have dropped this.
Spike shield very rare Does damage while shielding you.

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Name Image Rare Description
Dagger common Does a bit more damage than using a cane.
Warrior knife common Comes with an extra edge to do maximum damage.
Wooden sword common Slightly more useful than a stick
Iron sword rare A Knight’s sword, cuts through anything.
Final sword rare Fantastic weapon, does damage to even the biggest enemies.
Dwarf axe very rare Cuts through the hardest materials.
Old magic stick common Deals rusty magic
Wizard wand rare Deals powerful magic
Broom common Can poke and smash
note:Seems to get rid of spiders and dirt.
Crowbar unique Great to smash or use force.
note:Can be used to force locks.
Worm carcass very rare Smelly carcass.
note:For some reason scares minotaurs
Cane very rare A walking stick
Medusa’s head very rare Don’t look directly at it!
Blunderbuss very rare Great classic weapon
Lobster claw very rare Sharp as a warriors knife
Slingshot rare Great to take out fast moving or flying creatures
Baseball bat unique Strong swing for a trained attacker
Torch unique Don’t adventure without it!
note:Can empower fire elementals.

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Name Image Rare Description
Food very common Restores 1hp
Healing potion common Restores 4hp
Potion of health rare Healing or poison
Potion of awareness rare Invisible or attraction
Scroll rare A knowledge scroll.
Filled bottle very rare Contains a fluid.
Slime bottle rare Contains slime
Elixer rare Works against all diseases
Potion of skill rare Learn or lose skills
Apple very common Restores 2hp
Cheese very common Restores 3hp
note:Smelly cheese can attract rats
Milk common Restores 4hp
note:Some milk has gone bad
Pills very rare Effects are random, and only remedied with another pill.

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Name Image Rare Description
Gold key common Unlocks treasure chests and library doors
Silver key common Unlocks small chests
Gold bag very common A bag full of gold coins
Gold coins very common Used as payment
Skull key rare Unlocks a hell gate
Heart container very rare Adds a HP point
Slayer grip rare Doubles all weapon damage
Amulet of protection very rare Halves all damage received
Amulet of life saving very rare Restores life when you die
Amulet of water elements very rare Will track water.
Shard of reflection rare Reflects damage received
Lighter rare It lights stuff.
note:Some creatures are scared of it.
Skull very rare Simple skull.
Imp skull very rare Skull from an imp.
Sea shell very rare Neptune’s magic shell
Empty bottle rare Great for carrying fluids.
Scroll very rare A Scroll of Haste
Scroll very rare A Scroll of Blindness
Scroll very rare A Scroll of Healing
Scroll very rare A Scroll of Weapon Enchantment
Scroll very rare A Scroll of Monster conjuring
Camera very rare Your trusty Clack camera
Thread very rare Piece of the yarn ball
note:Takes you to the minotaur
Piece of Stone very rare Broken from a larger statue
note:Takes you to Medusa’s lair
Cyclops eye very rare Might provide extra sight
Goldbar rare Worth a lot of coins
Snow coat very rare Protects from cold and some attacks
note:Increases chance of finding snow-world entry.

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Name Image Rare Description
Water Crown very rare Retrieved from King Splash
Fire Crown very rare Retrieved from King Fire
Earth Crown very rare Retrieved from Muddy
Slime Crown very rare Retrieved from The Swamp
Minotaur Crown very rare Retrieved in Labyrinth from the Minotaur.
Yeti Crown very rare Retrieved from the cold.

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