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Pills have a range of random effects which are only known after consuming them.

Name Effect
Confusion Confusion hits you, from this point the left and right action buttons are swapped around until the effect is remedied by another pill or by an elixer
Braveheart You gain an extra heart-container.
Antidote This pill will keep you from getting a disease or dying on bad water or bad milk.
Downer Decrease your health by -1hp.
Upper Increase your health by +1hp.
Musclespasm A muscle-spasm sets in, and you can’t hold anything heavier than a cane. You won’t be able to equip any weapons until you take another pill or drink an elixer.
Clear vision This will save you from going blind for as long as you don’t take another pill or drink an elixer.
Full health Restores your full health.
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