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Sir Questionnaire has different skills, these skills can be upgraded by gaining experience and leveling up. Every-time you level-up you get to pick a new skill card out of a random deck of three options.  At higher skill-levels you get to pick 2 or more skill cards.

Gaining experience is done by roaming the dungeon, slaying monsters, collecting loot, and defeating kings.


Increasing your strength means that slaying-weapons will have an increased turn-count of 1/4th of your strength skill , and do 50% strength-skill hit points more damage to the enemy. Avoid chance of monsters will also lower if their strength is lower than yours.



The magic skill is used to increase turn-count on magical weapons by 1/4th of your magic skill level, and do 50% of your magic-skill hit points more damage to the enemy.  Magic avoid chance of monsters will also lower if their strength is lower than yours.



Increasing your agility makes the chance of monsters avoiding your hits lower by 4 times your agility level. It also lowers monsters hit accuracy by 2 times your agility. It also increases your hit chance with projectile weapons like the Blunderbuss or the Slingshot.



Increasing your luck skill increases the chances of finding rare items, it increases the chance of avoiding monster attacks and lowers the chance of negative out comes on things like getting a disease, going blind, or getting unhealthy food.

It increases the drop rate on health potions or weapons if you are low on those in your inventory. An increased rate of having healthy water or encountering a water nymph  in a pool,



Having more alchemy skills will increase the value of coins, gold-bags and gold-bars.



A higher craft skill increases the turns of your weapons with +Craft points.



Mage is only available as a skill-card, and gives you +3 magic, but lowers your attack with -1 to a minimum of 0.



The warrior skill is only available as a skill-card, it gives you +3 strength, but lowers your magic with -1 to a minimum of 0.



Fear skill is only available for the Voodoo-mask character, it lowers the energy of monsters by half, but increases their flee chances to 80%



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